How much does it cost?

If you complete CIMA in three years and pass every exam on the first attempt, it will cost around GBP1,700 (based on 2015 exam fees). You also need to take into account the cost of study materials and any tuition classes you enrol in. 

Registration and subscription

New students pay a one-time registration fee, which includes their first subscription.

Existing students must ensure their subscription is paid before 31 March each year to prevent expiration.

You will receive an invoice each year by October either by email or post. Please log on to MY CIMA to ensure your contact details are up to date.


If we do not receive your subscription payment and any other overdue debts by 31 March then your CIMA subscription will expire.

To re-register you must:

  1. pay a re-registration fee
  2. pay your existing year's subscription
  3. pay any other outstanding fees due from when your previous registration ended.

Re-register button


If you wish to resign from CIMA, then you must inform us by either letter or email. If you do not wish to be charged the current year's subscription then you must resign by 31 March.

If, after you resign, you wish to return to CIMA, you will need to re-register. You will only need to pay the re-registration fee and the current subscription fee.

Exams and exemptions

Exam and exemption fees are not included in your subscription.

Current fees

Student fee list