Study support and networking. Anytime, anywhere.

We know our students work hard to learn the CIMA syllabus and pass their exams. That is why we too, are working hard to support their study effort.

One of the advantages of being a CIMA student is having an online platform designed exclusively to support your studies. CIMAconnect is a mobile friendly, study support platform that enables students to get free study material and have discussions with other students about their experience, anywhere, anytime! 

Think, your very own electronic library and social network in one place! 

Students told us that they found the exam support resources very helpful. So we’ve put in study guides, exam guides, past questions and more, just to get started. There will be more new resources to follow in 2015.

How to access CIMAconnectHelpful tips

Features of CIMAconnect

Personalised homepage Personalised homepage: Never miss a thing. Have all your news feed, friends, messages and study resources in one place.
Relevant resources Free, relevant resources - just one click away: CIMAconnect remembers the level you are studying and recommends the relevant resource to you, on your personalised homepage. No more wasting time searching through page after page to find what you want.
Network around the world 'Follow',  'Share' and 'Recommend': Like other social networks, you can follow other students to keep up-to-date with their latest contribution or share and recommend helpful resources to your CIMA buddies. You can even vote on the resources and let us know what you like and dislike.
Progression badge Work hard and get a badge to show for it: A little encouragement goes a long way. So for every exam you pass, you will earn a progression badge on your CIMAconnect profile. Start collecting today.
Study on the go Study on the go: Prefer a tablet over the desktop computer? This mobile-friendly platform means you can chat with friends and study at the same time on any device, at your convenience.