CIMA professional development (CPD) is the continuing professional development scheme for CIMA members. It supports you in your career by helping you identify your future learning needs.

CPD is also a compulsory part of maintaining your membership.

How CPD works

Unlike other schemes you may be familiar with, CIMA doesn’t prescribe specific activities or number of units or hours. Instead CIMA’s policy gives you the freedom to decide how you are going to develop, so that you can focus on activities that are relevant to your role and to your individual development needs.

As business becomes increasingly complex, this approach allows CIMA members to remain up to date and relevant.

'CIMA's CPD, and the way you have to do it, is much better than clocking up hours, as some of the other professional bodies want you to do. With CIMA, you decide where you need to improve, do it, and then assess yourself.' CIMA member 2013

To find out about the CPD requirements for CIMA members watch 'Your guide to CIMA professional development':