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Applying for accreditation

New process

The 2015 CIMA Advance Framework simplifies the existing accreditation process by streamlining the exemptions given to students and graduates from higher education institutions (HEIs) in each country. This new process is available for programmes that major in accounting, or accounting and finance.

These programmes are pre-allocated into Advance Route 1, Advance Route 2 or General Route, depending on the strength of the HEI and its programme within the country. Although each route may be slightly different from country to country, they will be consistent within a particular country.

Existing process

The existing process, ‘Advance with CIMA’, will still be available for non-accounting major related programmes seeking exemptions from selected CIMA exams.

New applications

Before applying for accreditation, please check our exemptions search to see if your programme has been listed. 

If it is not, and you wish to have your programme accredited, please ensure that you take the following steps:

  1. Download the accreditation criteria and guidelines and familiarise yourself with it.
  2. Download the certificate and professional level syllabus.
  3. Make an appointment with a higher education partnership manager (HEPM) through advance@cimaglobal.com to discuss the options available to you.

Accredited programmes 

If your programme has been accredited beyond 2014 you do not need to reaccredit your programme now as the exemptions awarded will be transferred to the relevant subjects under the 2015 syllabus. However, please be familiar with the 2015 syllabus (PDF 5MB), especially the six new hot topics affecting various subjects in the revised syllabus, and advise your students of any potential knowledge gaps as a result of this revision.

If your accreditation decision has expired or will be expiring soon, please contact a HEPM immediately to discuss the options available to you. 

Accreditation criteria and guidelines

Please write to us to have a copy of the most recent guideline.

Application forms can be viewed in the appendices of the guidelines document. Soft copies will be sent on request. 

CIMA’s syllabus


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Centres of excellence

Special university partnerships

Over the past few years, special partnerships with elite universities worldwide have been established:

Accreditation and centre of excellence team

Head of Department – Karen Phang (Malaysia)

Higher Education Partnership Managers:

  • Simon Sherry (London) – university partnerships and accreditation
  • Doug Withington (London) – accreditation and the Southern Africa centre of excellence
  • Karen Yeap (Malaysia) – accreditation and the Southeast Asia and Australasia centres of excellence