Tuition providers

Are you currently running CIMA courses, or thinking about setting up new CIMA courses? Find out more about our accreditation scheme, CIMA Global Learning.

Join us as a partner in the CIMA Global Learning scheme. Your college will be recognised as a CIMA accredited tuition provider which will enhance your profile and your ability to attract both students and staff. CIMA will be promoting CIMA Global Learning widely through a range of on and offline media channels, ensuring those providers who work with us are the first choice for students and their employers.

CIMA encourages students to follow a formal course of tuition and to seek out providers who are partners in CIMA Global Learning to ensure they get a high standard of tuition and improve their chances of passing the CIMA exams.

To demonstrate high quality tuition and educational support, CIMA Global Learning is based on global standards which provide key performance indicators including pass rate targets (Premium Partner level only). To become a CIMA Global Learning Partner at one of three levels, you will need to be forward looking, student focused and market aware. If you meet our standards, we will support you with a quality award backed by the CIMA brand and the promotion of CIMA Global Learning to CIMA students, their employers and career advisors.

With three levels, Premium, Advanced and Partner, there will be one to suit your provision. If you are new to teaching CIMA we encourage you to start by applying to become a CIMA Global Learning Partner.  Once your courses have been running for at least 12 months, your college can apply to move on to Advanced Partner status. Established providers with an excellent track record of success, as evidenced by pass rates, student satisfaction and retention, may be recognised as Premium Partners.

Providing global standards through the CIMA Global Learning matrix

The CIMA Global Learning standards are contained in a matrix against which your provision will be assessed. There are five steps within the CIMA Global Learning matrix, covering the principal stages of developing, delivering and reviewing CIMA courses:

  • Step 1 – Know your market
  • Step 2 – Find your teaching team
  • Step 3 – Deliver courses which produce results
  • Step 4 – Support your students
  • Step 5 – Review performance

Each of the five  steps contains descriptive information plus key performance indicators and targets (targets at Premium only).

For more information read the CIMA Global Learning FAQ.

Download the CIMA Global Learning matrix (266KB).

Download the features and benefits (608KB)

Download the examples of evidence (542KB)