CIMA qualifications

CIMA qualifications focus on business and deliver much more than just accounting knowledge.

As students progress through the CIMA syllabus, the focus on developing skills shifts from knowledge-based learning to application and analysis, meaning they can directly apply their skills to supporting the needs of your business.

CIMA members are not only financially qualified but also professionally trained in business management, capable of advising on business strategy and risk management while upholding the highest ethical and professional standards.

CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting offers a grounding in the basics of management accounting, financial accounting and business, and forms the basis of the CIMA Professional Qualification.

Employees studying the certificate level gain a better understanding of the fundamentals of business and finance, allowing them to:

  • Make informed business decisions based on skills developed.
  • Develop relevant learning which meets the needs of finance and non-finance staff.
  • Gain the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting and the letters CIMA Cert BA upon successful completion of the five modules.

CIMA is updating the CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting to help unlock the talent within your company. We have worked with employers worldwide to identify the skills and knowledge you require from junior professionals now, and in the future. Find out more at

The CIMA Professional Qualification

CIMA’s 2015 Professional level syllabus consists of three learning pillars and three levels of attainment-operational, management and strategic. The qualifications based on the competencies employers like you identified as being key to maintaining business success.

The assessment strategy has been revised to reflect both changes in technology and to better reflect the work environment. This will be achieved through computer based, on-demand objective tests for each subject followed by a case study exam at each level, which will also be computer based and available to sit four times a year. This increased flexibility in taking exams will be a real benefit to both you the employer and the student.   

Find out more details in our 'Study with us' section.

2015 Syllabus overview


Assessment of practical experience

Strategic Level

Strategic Case Study Exam

Strategic Management

Risk Management

Financial Strategy


Management Level

Award / CIMA Advanced Diploma In Management Accounting

Management Case Study Exam

Project and Relationship Management

Advanced Management Accounting

Advanced Financial Reporting


Operational Level

Award / CIMA Diploma In Management Accounting

Operational Case Study Exam

Organisational Management

Management Accounting

Financial Reporting and Taxation

Enterprise Pillar

Performance Pillar

Financial Pillar


Award / CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting

Fundamentals of Management Accounting

Fundamentals of Financial Accounting

Fundamentals of Business Mathematics

Fundamentals of Business Economics

Fundamentals of Ethics, Corporate Governance and Business Law